The Future Looks Bright for Wastewater Treatment

The Future Looks Bright for Wastewater Treatment Welcome to Water Wisely, the decentralized wastewater treatment blog from BIOROTOR. From interesting articles discussing current challenges, to handy guides outlining the best practices when it comes to Decentralized wastewater treatment systems - this is your go-to source for staying informed and one step ahead of the game.

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Investing in Sustainability: Replacing an Old Wastewater Treatment System With a New BIOROTOR Installation at Luvigny

In today’s world, municipalities are under immense pressure to not only provide high-quality wastewater treatment for their residents, but to do so in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Older wastewater systems can often be energy intensive, expensive to maintain, or ineffective, which is why the municipality of Luvigny decided to replace their existing system with a new BIOROTOR installation.

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3 Reasons Why We Chose Rotational Moulding For Our Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant, the BIOROTOR

The BIOROTOR wastewater treatment plant tank is a good example of why rotational moulding has become so popular. This manufacturing process allows us to produce high-quality products made of 100% recyclable materials, with multiple additional benefits like easy installation in remote locations, or an eco-friendly process that’s better for the environment.

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Restoring Effective Wastewater Treatment And Preventing Long-Term Environmental Damage In Musina, South Africa

Old and failing wastewater treatment plants can be an ecological disaster, with incomplete effluent treatment causing pollution of ground and surface water bodies. Here's how we addressed this problem when one of the many small sewage treatment facilities serving the municipality of Musina in the Vhembe District had been compromised due to age and the harsh operating conditions.

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